Gum Disease Therapy

If you’re suffering from gum disease or experiencing symptoms like bleeding gums, loose teeth, discomfort, and swelling, our team at Dental Arts of Vernon in Vernon, CT, can help! Gum disease is a common oral health condition that affects most people at some point during their lives. Call today or book a dental exam online so that we can conduct a thorough evaluation of your oral health needs and get you started on the path to healthier, happier gums!

What Is Gum Disease?



Gum disease is an infection, most commonly caused by bacteria building up on the teeth. It is also known as periodontal disease.

There are two different types of gum disease, namely gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the less severe of the two types of gum disease, but it can still cause damage to the gums. Periodontitis is a more severe type of gum disease and can lead to serious problems with the teeth, jawbone, and gums.

Symptoms of gum disease can include red or swollen gums, bleeding from the gums, a bad taste in the mouth, pain when chewing food, bad breath, and loose or shifting teeth.

People who are more at risk of getting gum disease include those who smoke, older people (aged around 35 years or older), diabetics, alcoholics, and those with a poor immune system. Diabetes is thought to reduce the body’s resistance to infection, while smoking makes it harder for blood vessels to supply the gums with enough of the immune cells that combat infection.

People who are suffering from gum disease should follow a good oral hygiene routine, such as brushing their teeth three times every day and flossing daily. They should also visit their dental professional at least once every six months for periodontal treatment and to prevent further damage to the gums. The dental professional should also be visited if any of the symptoms listed above occur.

What Is Gum Disease Therapy?

deep scaling and root planning


implant surgery

crown lengthening (esthetic)

gingivectomy (Aesthetic)

Scaling and root planing, also known as a deep cleaning, is a common treatment performed by dentists and hygienists to remove plaque buildup from the teeth.  The goal of scaling is to remove deposits on the tooth’s surface called calculus (tartar), which forms above and below the gumline.  Scaling also involves smoothing the surface of the tooth to remove any buildup that has accumulated.  Root planing is done to smooth the roots of the teeth and reach deeper than scaling alone. 

Scaling and root planing are both typically performed as part of deep cleaning procedures to treat gum disease. Scaling can also be performed in cases where there is buildup on the teeth due to orthodontic treatment.

Scaling and root planing are short procedures that can take 30 minutes or longer, depending on how extensive the patient’s condition is.  Prophylaxis treatments should be done every 6 months to 2 years, but will vary based on the patient’s individual needs.  Scaling and root planing are performed under local anesthesia, so no sedation is required.

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