Rein’s New York Style Deli

Rein’s New York Style Deli in Vernon, Connecticut, is a must-go place if you enjoy traditional New York-style delis. Since opening its doors in 1972, this beloved restaurant has been serving up delectable deli sandwiches, soups, and sides to both locals and tourists.

The deli’s menu is extensive and offers a variety of traditional deli sandwiches, such as pastrami, corned beef, and roast beef, as well as more inventive choices like the “Rein’s Special,” which is a rye bread sandwich with hot pastrami, corned beef, and Swiss cheese. All of the sandwiches are freshly made to order and loaded with premium meats, cheeses, and garnishes.

Rein’s offers a variety of other deli favorites in addition to sandwiches, including matzo ball soup, knishes, and latkes. The deli’s matzo ball soup is a particular standout, featuring perfectly fluffy matzo balls and a rich, savory broth. Another favorite among guests are the crispy, golden-brown latkes.

Rein’s dedication to using only the best ingredients is one of its distinctive qualities. The bread is freshly baked every day, and all the meats are hand-selected and cut. Every bite demonstrates Rein’s commitment to excellence, which is one of the factors contributing to its status as a cherished neighborhood landmark.

The welcoming atmosphere at Rein’s is yet another noteworthy aspect. Locals frequently meet at the deli to catch up over food and socialize, and the staff is friendly and accommodating at all times. You will undoubtedly feel at home at Rein’s whether you are a frequent guest or a stranger.

The deli is a well-liked option for celebrations, events, and business gatherings because it also provides catering services. A variety of deli sandwiches, platters of meats and cheeses, and other deli favorites are available on the catering menu. The catering team will collaborate with you to develop a menu that meets your needs and your budget. They are skilled and professional.

Rein’s is renowned for its dedication to giving back to the community in addition to its delicious food and welcoming ambiance. The deli frequently makes donations to neighborhood charities and organizations and takes part in annual fundraising activities. This dedication to the neighborhood is yet another factor in why Rein’s has grown to be such a cherished local landmark.

All in all, Rein’s New York Style Deli is a must-go place for anyone who enjoys comfort food and traditional deli sandwiches. The deli is unique in Vernon, Connecticut because of its dedication to quality, welcoming atmosphere, and involvement in the community. Rein’s is the ideal place to sate your deli cravings, whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a place to hang out with friends and family.

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